About Urumbi Hill Palace

Land up at Urumbi Hill Palace Heritage Plantation Retreat, lying at an altitude of 3500 ft.above sea level and experience the scenic beauty of Nature. Stay amidst plantations of cardamom, pepper, vanilla, tea and experience the tranquility at this spectacular Urumbi Hill Palace. It is comfortably located at Urumbikkara, close to the famous hll station Kuttikkanam. You can enjoy a natural spring bath here, as it shelters many mountain waterfalls and streams in its 100 acres space. One of the main attractions of this heavenly and divine abode is the view of Cochin, Quilon and Alleppey cities from the view point. Urumbi Hill Palace is a plantation bungalow built by the British in the colonial era. The rooms are elegantly furnished and properly ventilated to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. .

How to access:

Urumbi Hill Palace Heritage Plantation Retreat is well - connected by road, with all major tourist destinations.