In the past, exploring mountainous and forest regions were restricted to people who were willing to walk considerable distances or travel on occasional over - crowded local vehicles. Now, as the mountain and forest road system starts to expand to the interior regions, unexplored areas become available to people looking out for adventure. A jeep trail carries all the ingredients of an exciting adventure over spectacular road journeys through off - beaten tracks. Jeep tours help you to discover those aspects of India that are hard to explore in any other mode of transportation in the stipulated time frame.

The journey amidst lush greenery through the off - beat roads that are blanketed by tea plantations, is by itself itself a refreshing experience. Here one can have outstanding trekking experience. Rocky plains, lush hillsides, forests, trekking trails and picturesque views lend charm to the Jeep Safari tours. Enjoy the rich flora and fauna as a part of the Jeep tour . Take in the breathtaking views of hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grass lands, cascading waterfalls and plantations all in a very short stipulated time with a Jeep tour.

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